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Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting




Eyebrow Tinting

Beautiful sculpted eyebrows frame your face and define your overall look.

Along with a well sculpted eye brow shape, an eyebrow tint is a great way to define your look.


brows before after2







Here’s how it works!

  • First the eyebrow is wiped clean to remove make up and oil
  • Next Vaseline is placed around your brows to act as a barrier
  • Then the eyebrow is coated in dye and the color is allowed to set for 1 min
  • Wipe the dye off with dry cotton wool
  • We check the color and repeat for a darker look!



Eyelash Tinting

A typical eyelash tinting takes around fifteen minutes and

is a great way to enhance the look of your eyes.

 You can leave the mascara at home and enjoy longer and thicker looking lashes.


LASHES before after


Let’s take you through the process

  • We take off make up around the eyes
  • Prep the area with Vaseline a cotton pad to protect the eye
  • Apply the dye and wait for 10-15 mins
  • Rise off with water

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