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Cosmetic Injectables

Injectables are so much more then massive lips and frozen facial features with no expressions. They can look very natural, flawless & fresh. Many people get them for a wide range of reasons, to stop excessive sweating, migraine relief, smoker lines and the list goes on. For whatever reason you mite be interested we are all for people feeling better about themselves and if that’s having massive lips & frozen facial features who are we to judge.

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About our lovely Nurse,

Fiona has been a Nurse for over 10 years, covering many areas of nursing however never felt she had found the specialty that fed her passion until she came across cosmetic nursing. Fiona loves the long lasting relationships built with her clients and finds it incredibly rewarding to help them feel youthful and fabulous. ‘It brings great joy to my day knowing I have lifted someone’s self confidence or helped them address an issue that frustrates them!’ ‘I’ve always had a passion for art and in particular realism, I’m very particular with the finer points in details and believe this has contributed to my flare for Cosmetic Injecting’. You can have confidence in Fiona’s knowledge and care towards your treatment plan.


Lip Fillers

$320 half ml / 1ml from $490

Tear Trough filler

From $550

Cheek Filler

From $650

Jawline Filler

From $650


$13 per unit (depending on product used)


From $550

Women from $550 (50 units) Men from $1000 (100 units)

Skin needling

$195 per session


Masseter muscles

From $360

Price depends if 30 or 40 units used in total.

Neffititi lift

From $240 (20units)


From $250 depending on area treated

Fat dissolving injections

Before & After Photos

Anti- Wrinkle Injections
Anti- Wrinkle Injections
0.5ml of Lip Filler
0.5ml of Lip Filler
0.5ml of Cheek Filler each side
0.5ml of Cheek Filler each side
1ml of Cheek Filler each side